Arthritis diet forms a part of a complex solution only

Arthritis is rather a very strange disease and a puzzled illness that branches out to over 100 different types out of which you might have one or the other form. Although, eating the right kind of food and following a strict arthritis diet is a good option it need not necessarily relieve you off your pain and stiffness. A lot of other factors and instructions have to be followed in order to achieve a painless life.





The benefits you get from fruits and vegetables

The main facet for rheumatoid arthritis diet is to intake more fruits and vegetables while cutting down on meats and fatty foods. This not only helps in losing your weight that aggravates your arthritis, but it also reduces inflammation. Research has proven that certain chemicals in fruits and vegetable help in battling inflammation.

One of the researches was performed by the University of Manchester in England that studied the impact an arthritis diet would have on arthritic patients. This research took quite a long time to complete that lasted from 1993 to 2001, and they used about 25,000 human guinea pigs that were and were not affected by arthritis. An arthritis diet that is rich in caretonoids such as beta cryptoxanthin was not only helpful with regards to reduction of inflammation, but also avoided the development of arthritis.

You cannot afford to say no to an arthritis diet

An arthritis diet encourages you to have lot of water and teas, but discourages you to have lot of coffee, sodas, or alcoholic beverages. Although, alcohol can prove to be a good reliever and kill your pain, it is the most terrible thing to drink as it can affect and damage you more. This not only makes you get dehydrated, but also removes all the fluid from your joints and is one of the major reasons for your excessive fat which is a very aggravating factor for any form of arthritis.

If you are a smoker, then it is high time for you to stop smoking as this affects your digestive system and makes the process of circulation in your body to slow down, and this is the last thing your joints require. If you are an addict to smoking and drinking, the best person to talk to and discuss the matter would be a doctor who will help you quit.

Arthritis diet is quite flexible

Arthritis diet is very flexible. When you are suffering from diabetes you would have to change to a diabetes diet or a low glycemic index diet, but you do not have to change anything in your arthritis diet. You need not cut down on all the luxurious foods that you are having, but all that you have to do for an arthritis diet would be to reduce the quantity of your food intake. Having good food rarely would make them taste better and you can eat it slowly to enjoy that meal.





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