Laser Hair Removal Post Treatment – Beware of the Side Effects

Laser hair removal treatment results in certain side effects which are uncommon and not worrisome. A few side effects should be attend to after separating the common from the uncommon before going in for hair removal post treatment. You will surely have peace of mind after treatment when your expectations are fulfilled.

Normal Side Effects

Laser hair removal post treatment makes your skin more sensitive and itchy and red. There will be a slight swelling around the hair follicle.

Less Common Side Effects

Presence of ingrown hairs already is possible before your treatment with the laser hair removal machine. This results in scabs or a crusty formation over the ingrown hair. Discoloration of the skin is an uncommon side effect of laser hair removal post treatment. This will take place if you have to tanned skin which will turn slightly purple or there will be injury.

Laser gaur removal post treatment is not an invasive procedure and so infections are uncommon. But the presence of Herpes or genital warts in the patient may result in infections which can be treated with anti-bacterial creams.

If the treatment is to be tattooed area care must be taken to see that it should be not be near the tattoos because laser hair removal post treatment darkens the tattoos. The ink pigments become dark and this should be avoided as it is undesirable. You should remove all make up things like eye liners, lip liners etc. before the treatment.

Laser hair removal post treatment may result in striping or uneven skin pigmentation if it is done by an inexperienced technician. The condition will settle down but will even out in most cases. Care must be taken to make sure that the skin is protected with sun screen.

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