Understanding Different Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Unwanted and excess body hair is deplorable and highly unattractive these days as dress is designed to exhibit plenty of skin and reveals those engaged in waxing and shaving. In considering laser Hair removal treatment you should know a few facts about it which has become very popular and thought of as the most convenient means of getting rid of unwanted hair.

How Laser Hair Removal Treatments Work

Laser hair removal treatment destroys hair follicles. The dark color of hair and hair pigment attracts, the light of the laser which draws out the pigment, and skin around the hair follicles, and reflect the light back. Thus the destruction of hair follicles is complete.

Thus this laser hair removal procedure is best suited for people with fair skin and dark hair. Those with blond or red hair are unsuited for this process. Those with dark skin are also not suited for this procedure.

Different Laser Hair Removal Treatments

After one treatment, laser hair removal procedure gives you hair free skin but it is not totally long lasting. Further treatments are required to eliminate completely the hair follicles or to bring down the hair growth satisfactorily.

Laser hair treatments should have a gap of at least six to ten weeks between them. Based on hair growth and type, at least six laser hair removal treatments are absolutely necessary. After each treatment, up to 70% to 90% of hair growth can be eliminated.

Touch up sessions, once or twice are needed since total elimination of hair is impossible. The procedure is not a miracle as it is claimed to be. You should exert maximum patience to identify the results claimed by the advertisers.

Decide on laser hair removal procedure carefully and approach a certified and experienced person to execute the treatment. Though considered safe it can be unsafe in the hands of an experienced person. Check up the credentials and eligibility of the person to whom you commit yourself.

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