Acquiring the Appropriate Treatment for Ovarian Cyst

Although ovarian cysts generally do not cause any danger to you, it can, however, lead to ovarian cancer. Being the main reason behind many women’s death, you should take this subject a little seriously.

The cysts that do not cause any harm are the functional cysts. However, the follicular and luteum cysts are dangerous and can lead to ovarian cancer. If you have learnt that you have developed an ovarian cyst that is dangerous, you should immediately consult with a doctor at the earliest.

No4rmally, doctors recommend the usage of birth control pills in order to treat the ovarian cyst. However, this works only on smaller cysts. Since the main content in birth control pills is progesterone, in most cases it is enough to treat ovarian cysts.

The way these pills work are it makes your body think it is pregnant. Hence, it excites the ovaries and thus tries to maintain a proper menstrual cycle.

Bigger ovarian cysts that do not pose the threat of cancer can be treated by cystectomy. Cystectomy treatment is nothing but a surgery that is used to remove the cyst itself especially in severe cases.

The positive side of the cystectomy is that it makes it possible for the women who undergo it to get pregnant later on, which is not the case in oophorectomy.

Anyway, there are certain dangers as well as good things that come along with any surgical procedure. So, the doctor must look into the plus points and minus points and accordingly prescribe the right treatment for the patient.

The surgical procedures come with scars, infection, pain, bowel damage, and in the sever cases the recurrence of cysts. Sometimes a hormonal replacement therapy is most often recommended. However, this becomes a problem for women who are in the post menopausal stage where cysts can develop for them.

Such a surgery is called oophorectomy. In this procedure either one or both the ovaries are removed. Women need to perform a thorough research and study their problem and work with the doctor in order to solve their issue.

Younger women must take extra care and it is very sad but if it I necessary then it has to be done. The best thing women can do to have a check on their good health is to have regular pelvic exams with their doctors because only by doing this can you have a check on how your ovaries are and to make sure there is no dangerous cyst growing on it.

You can prevent cysts by the intake of fruits and vegetables as well as exercising regularly.

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Ovarian Cyst