Understanding Various Alternative Ovarian Cysts Treatment Options Available Today

Ovarian cysts are a very common issue and most of the time is not dangerous. Most of the time they not dangerous and shrink gradually. However, if they are not functional but malignant then care has to be taken because it can be cancerous. The treatments most commonly used are chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy. Anyhow, you can also look into the other alternative ovarian cysts treatments.

Those of you who want to look into alternative ovarian cysts treatments; you are making a wise decision as it is a very good and natural alternative and it is very common in China.Chinese consider that cysts are formed on three pathological factors namely phlegm, dampness, as well as blood stasis, and based on these factors the cysts can be taken off successfully from the ovaries.

The Chinese handle these factors using certain herbs like the dong quai, black cohosh, as well as licorice herb. Natural progesterone can also be used as an alternative ovarian cysts treatment.

Progesterone makes the body to think it is pregnant and acts on all the unwanted issues. If you intake progesterone on the 10-26 day of your menstrual cycle the effect is very good and it helps many women all around the world.

Although it is similar to contraceptive and birth control pills, you should keep in mind that estrogen and progestin are used in such pills and not natural progesterone. Maca is one such tablet that can be taken once daily.

Apart from treating cysts it also handles symptoms such as cramps, bloating, irritations, hot flashes, night sweats, as well as vaginal dryness. The other common alternative ovarian cysts treatment is hydrotherapy.

As the name suggests hydrotherapy is done with the help of water to treat cysts. Thousands of women would swear on the effectiveness of hydrotherapy and it can be used even on dangerous cysts.

Hydrotherapy is less expensive and it is very simple that it can be done at home itself. A doctor would not be aware of this. So, the best person to go to would be an alternative therapist or holistic medical practitioner.

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