An Outlook on the Types of Ovarian Cysts

Women of all ages can develop ovarian cysts and it is a very common problem these days among women. Most of the time, the cysts are not dangerous and go away on its own. However, sometimes it can prove to be harmful and cause cancer.

In order to avoid their chances of developing ovarian cancer, women should understand all the types of ovarian cysts that they can develop. Since there are various types of ovarian cysts, women should study them all in order to keep themselves fit.

The main types of ovarian cysts are functional cysts as well as follicular cysts. Functional cysts are not dangerous and shrink as time passes by without causing any harm to you. These are round in shape filled with liquid in a thin wall lining. Some of you might tend to develop functional cysts on a regular basis.

Follicular cysts on the other hand need to be given more attention. Such a cyst blocks the follicles from releasing eggs and causes it to grow with liquid filled in it.

Such cysts can make the follicles grow till they get very large and the symptoms of this is similar to their periods. The luteum ovarian cysts are the other type of ovarian cyst.

Luteum cysts are directly related to the woman’s periods. Such a cyst normally disappears in about a month. However, they are the main reasons to cause the ovaries to twist causing the blockage of blood supply.

The drug for fertility called clomiphene citrate is the main reason behind luteum cysts. So, you must be very careful in choosing the fertility drugs and you mist monitor your cysts regularly.

Since cysts develop and grow as fast as they develop, it is difficult to actually keep an eye on them. There is no one solution to the entire problem. Ovarian cancer is the leading cause for death in women and it is diagnosed only in the last stages.

So a cyst should not be taken lightly and if it is a malignant ovarian cyst, it has to be dealt with immediately.

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Ovarian Cyst