The Causes of an Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian cysts are a common problem that generally needs no great attention and it can take place in women of all ages. Functional cysts normally disappear; however, malignant cysts need to be given more attention since they cause cancer. So for this reason women have to be more cautious of ovarian cysts.

Some of the causes of ovarian cysts are due to genetic problems or a family history of ovarian cysts. If you know you have a family history of ovarian cysts you have to be extra careful.

Women with irregular periods can also develop ovarian cysts, but this is normally ignored since with irregular periods they do not really notice any symptoms.

Infertility as well as weight on the upper part of the body can also increase the risk of developing cysts.
The other risk factors include hypothyroidism, imbalance of the hormones, and the like.

The therapy called Tamoxifen therapy that is used in the case of breast cancer can be another cause for ovarian cysts. So, women should keep an open eye to all these risk factors in order to weigh their chances of developing ovarian cysts.

The tough thing here is to see when to go to the doctor since the ovarian cyst symptoms are like the menstrual cycles symptoms. The common symptoms that should alert you to seek immediate medical attention include frequent fever, dizzy feeling, fainting, increased blood pressure, as well as too much of facial hair.

Certain tests are performed to determine if you have developed a cyst and if the cyst requires further attention.

Ovarian cysts vary from one woman to another, so the treatment also varies. Treatment is given based on the family history as well as the size of the cyst.

Cystectomy is performed sometimes to remove the cyst without damaging the ovaries. After this the cysts are taken for further study and the woman can be given recommendations in order to avoid developing them later on.

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Ovarian Cyst