The Hazards of Ovarian Cyst During Pregnancy

Having an ovarian cyst is a frightening thing in itself and having an ovarian cyst during pregnancy is the scariest thing you can imagine. The fact that you have an ovarian cyst itself is bad, and having an ovarian cyst during pregnancy causes a lot of complications.

When any woman says that she has an ovarian cyst during pregnancy, it is not the end of everything, but the reason behind the cyst must be known. There are various causes behind the formation of an ovarian cyst, and all the causes depend on the cyst type.

One of the cysts called the follicular cyst is developed of the follicle growth. The follicle is a sac filled with fluid carrying an egg from the fallopian tubes. The follicular cysts are very common and many women suffer from it, so is the luteum cyst that is closely related with the menstrual cycle.

Since they do not show any signs or symptoms for the luteum cysts, they normally are not diagnosed early and are not noticed soon. In order to accurately find out the type of cyst you have developed, you have to consult a doctor who would perform a few tests and then advise you on the dos and don’ts.

If you are not pregnant then dealing with the ovarian cyst becomes a whole lot easier. Since both the mother and the baby can be at harm, the doctor must take extra care when dealing with this case.

If the pregnant woman has a large cyst, it can cause a lot of pain, and when it bursts out, something that normally happens; it could lead to a premature delivery or a miscarriage in some cases. So, all the above becomes the greatest scares of an ovarian cyst during pregnancy.

In general, the doctors usually just monitor the ovarian cysts and see if it is the same size or if it is growing. They normally do not start treating the pregnant lady, and start any kind of treatment only after the baby is born.

Suppose the cyst I found twisted in the body of the pregnant woman then nothing but an operation has to be performed and this is very dangerous. Such a situation is very serious and the doctors have to carefully take care and operate the woman immediately.

Always surgery should be kept as the last alternative and all the doctors are very well aware of this. Mostly, the doctors are just extremely careful and decide to go in for a surgery only when the cyst is big in size, say about 6 cm or more in diameter.

Dealing with an ovarian cyst during pregnancy can be a nightmare. However, with the development in technology and treatments you can hope that everything would go fine. So this is the reason why regular pap exams and health check ups are very important for women especially if they have decided to get pregnant.

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