Stanford Sleep Disorder Clinic – More Than Just A Sleep Aid

The first sleep disorder clinic began in Stanford. The Stanford sleep disorder clinic is a pediatric facility that handles disorders in children as well as in adults. They go through every single detail to find out why you or your child is suffering from this sleeping disorder. Dr Dement and Dr Guilleminault founded the Stanford sleep disorder clinic, in Redwood City, California in 1970.

Full Accreditation

The Stanford sleep disorder clinic is fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Due to this, you can be fully assured that your problem is going to be totally solved. The main aim of the Stanford sleep disorder clinic is to treat infants up to early adults. If you are planning to take your child to the clinic, you can book in at 7 p.m. where you can also carry your child’s favorite things along except his pets.

The Checking In and Checking Out Time

One week is the minimum time period you are allowed to book for in Stanford sleep disorder clinic. However, you can stay longer if the need arises. Parents are asked to stay along with their children during their stay to make them feel comfortable. After booking, you normally have to wait for a maximum of two weeks for treatment.

Stanford sleep disorder clinic is continually trying to better their services and also implement better services for the patients. They also are very active in research, and there are quite a few volunteers who let sleep studies be done on them and get paid for it as well. Stanford sleep disorder clinic is also a place where people just come to check their general well being and see that their fit in every way.

Medical Aid Coverage

Even though Stanford sleep disorder clinic is the best in America, locating a sleep disorder clinic in your area may be very tough. Sleep disorder clinics are not as common as general clinics as they are not in such a great demand, so before you look for one, it is better to check with your medical aid to see if they will cover your treatment.

All medical aids do not normally cover your treatment in a sleep disorder clinic. If your sleeping disorder is due to medical health reason, you could be very well looked after at a general hospital or clinic so that you are covered by your medical aid.

When you go to a sleep clinic and if you have a medical health problem, which requires surgery, the clinic will refer you to a general hospital or clinic or if you tend to have a psychological problem, then you will be referred for psychological therapy, which will be covered by your medical aid, but the stay and treatment at a sleep disorder clinic may not be covered by your medical aid.

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