Abnormal Sweating and its Causes

Sweating is a normal body function which means even healthy people sweat. Sweating is a system to cool the body down. Under-arms, palms and feet are the main parts of the body where one experiences sweating. However, sweating can be either normal or abnormal.

The two major reasons that cause normal sweating are heat and psychosomatic factors. Drinking hot drinks, wearing warm clothing, exercising, and living in hot/humid locations are some of the possible reasons to cause normal sweat. Stressful or uneasy situations or events can also cause one to sweat. Conversely, psychosomatic factors cannot cause sweating but generally aggravate the problem.

The severity of the problem varies from one person to another. A few individuals have excessive sweating, or in other words abnormal sweating. Hyperhidrosis, another term for abnormal sweating, has various causes that influence the condition.

Dysfunctional nervous system is one of the main factors of this condition. Our nervous system has many responsibilities one of which is to adjust the sweat levels. The nervous system of those individuals, who sweat profusely, is unable to regulate the sweat levels. People with hyperactive sweat glands suffer from hyperhidrosis.

If one of your family member or close relative suffer from abnormal sweating, you are likely to have the same problem. Eating and drinking habits also determine the severity of the problem. Consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes can also exacerbate sweating.

Taking medicines to alleviate fever, treat mental problems, using morphine can also cause sweating. Sudden withdrawal from substance abuse is another reason why many formal substance addicts sweat profusely. Individuals suffering from certain medical conditions also experience abnormal sweating.

Hyperthyroidism, carcinoid syndrome, menopause, acromegaly, and cancer are some of these medical conditions. Consult your doctor immediately if you suffer from any of these medical conditions or if you have a close relative who suffers form hyperhidrosis. Obesity is another common condition that sets off sweating.

We can never stop the body from sweating. But one can control and cope with it smartly. Those who have normal sweating can use antiperspirant. However, individual that sweat excessive should seek medical advice and take medications, like anticholinergics or Botx injections.

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