Are inactive sweat gland inherited

Generally your body has been designed in such a way that when the surrounding condition gets warmer your sweat glands are automatically triggered thus making you sweat. By sweating you are actually lowering your body temperature and keeping your body relaxed and calm.

However there are instances when you may excessively sweat due to the presence of a overactive sweat gland. On the other end there are also many who have inactive sweat glands. This strange disorder however most of the times is hereditary and is present in their genes.

Is there a reason to worry for Inactive sweat glands?

However for many of you’ll who suffer from an inactive sweat gland there is very little reason to be concerned. Inactive sweat gland does not lead to the deficiency of sweat instead when the situation occurs the sweat glands will be immediately triggered thus making you sweat and keep your body functioning properly. Many a times the sweat glands are known to be inactive at night as you are not involved in any bodily action.

There can be various reasons that make an inactive sweat gland an active one. If you sweat excessively at night while sleeping, then this situation could give you a very disturbed and restless sleep. The thought of having to get up in the middle of your sleep to change you clothes could keep you awake throughout the night.

Immediate care for inactive sweat glands

Further more there a few cases where the inactive sweat gland condition must be shown to a doctor. A surgery is also suggested as a cure if it is an extreme case of the inactive sweat gland. Normally the inactive sweat glands are known to be similar to the Exocrine sweat glands and not the Apocrine sweat glands. Hence one of the apt ways for curing this disorder that does not involve a surgery is by making use of relevant treatments. The right time to apply the medicine is when the Exocrine sweat glands are inactive in your body. As this is when your skin can easily absorb the medicine and result to be more helpful in curing this disorder.

One of the things that you can be certain of is that during an excessive sweating condition the Apocrine and the Exocrine are known to be vigorous and full of life. These sweat glands tend to make you sweat over the usual sweating that is required for balancing the heat in the body.

Some symptoms for a sudden out break of an active sweat gland

You will experience a lot of uneasiness if the sweat glands in your body had been dormant till now and they all of a sudden trigger and come to life. An active sweat gland will try its best to make you so irritated and conscious that even your surrounding will tend to get warmer and you will find your self sweating excessively non stop. It is in such a situation that you would plead and ask for some extra inactive sweat glands.

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