Do You Have Sweaty Feet

If you take a survey and ask people around the world to list health conditions they would like to eliminate, sweating would be one of them. Many people look for ways to eliminate or at least reduce their foul odor sweating problem.

Sweating feet is a common problem faced by many. Since sweating is a natural way of the body system to regulate the body temperature, controlling sweating is not healthy and natural. However, the good news is that sweaty feet can be treated by other methods and means.

Hyperhydrosis is a disorder many suffer from. In other words excessive sweating of the feet, palms, or underarms is hyperhydrosis. People suffering from hyperhydrosis have hyper active sweat glands that continuously secrete sweat more than normal level.

One can efficiently manage hyperhydrosis by adopting a few methods, but there is no permanent remedy to stop it. Medication is one way to curb the sweat level in the body. Surgery is another method that helps stop excessive sweating for a while in the sweaty parts of the body. However, doctors consider surgery as the last resort.

Even those who do not suffer from hyperhydrosis, look for therapies that can help them control sweat, especially on their feet. Sweating is a major cause for embarrassment for many because of the bad odor and the discomfort it produces. Even the fact that others can watch you sweat can be a matter of e embarrassment. This is why many people look for treatments and therapies to cure their sweaty feet problem.

Foot is one of the body parts that sweat profusely because it has multiple sweat glands next to armpits. Bacteria that grow on the feet are the main reason behind the smelly sweaty odor from the feet. One can find the same kind of bacteria on rotten food items. Fortunately, there are various treatments available to cure sweaty feet problem.

Here is a home remedy you can try at home. Take a pan of lukewarm water and add dish soap and vinegar to make a solution. Take another pan and fill it with oat meal. First, soak your feet in the vinegar-soap solution for about 10 minutes.

Then soak it in the oat meal pan for another 10 minutes. You can also try soaking your feet in a pan of cool tea. It is important to take preventive steps to avoid sweaty problems. Wear socks made of cotton and always keep your feet dry. Wear comfortable shoes that allow the skin to breathe. These are some of the natural remedies that can effectively reduce the sweating feet problem.

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