How to avoid excessive facial sweating

The sweat glands are known to function similarly for most people, however if you suffer from hyperhidrosis then you may find yourself sweating even in conditions where normally people don’t sweat. Areas like the armpits, hands and feet are the common areas where excessive sweating occurs. Another form of the excessive sweating is the excessive facial sweating. This type of sweating can lead to a very humiliating and uncomfortable situation as you may even find it difficult to cover up.

A common reason for excessive facial sweating among women

The issue of excessive facial sweating is pretty common with women. Especially among those who frequently make use of the blow dryer and the flat iron on their hair. As these are known to worsen the condition and lead to excessive facial sweating. Hence even applying make up on a sweaty face becomes a difficult task.

Identifying and treating excessive facial sweating

In many of you’ll the actual reason for excessive facial sweating is when your body tries to calm it self in a warm or tiring situation. But that’s not the case for those suffering from hyperhidrosis. For them the sweat glands are set off thus resulting in excessive sweating. This takes place when the sensitive nervous system starts functioning differently and the various areas of your body starts sweating profusely.

Handling the case of excessive facial sweating can be quite complicated even though various treatments are known. By utilizing antiperspirants wither from over the counter or those prescribed the issue of excessive sweating in hands or feet can be reduced or even cured. But products like the antiperspirants are not known to be of use on your face. Also experimenting with such products on your face can be risky.

How to opt for the right method of treatment for excessive facial sweating?

There are special types of procedures that are followed for excessive facial sweating. Procedures like iontophoresis or sympathectomy are known to be an effective treatment for excessive facial sweating. Sympathectomy is generally kept as the last option as it involves undergoing a surgery. This process is opted only if the other methods have failed to reduce the sweating condition and if the case of sweating is severe. As this surgery involves the elimination of a few of your sensitive nerves

What are the other reasons that can cause excessive facial sweating?

Even with no treatment the problem of excessive facial sweating can be cured. Other than your sensitive nervous system also your basic bodily condition is responsible for excessive sweating. For those of you’ll going through menopause can also under go this problem of sweating profusely. However once you pass that phase the problem also seems to fade off. Another prime reason for excessive facial sweating can be Diabetes.

However for this once you start taking medication for diabetes you will notice your sweating reducing. Along with this obesity, autoimmune disorders, infections and psychiatric disorders can be the other circumstances in which you may have excessive facial sweating. In most of the cases once these few issues are handled and effectively taken care of it helps in reducing the excessive facial sweating.

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