Some symptoms of profuse sweating

Sweating is considered to be a usual part of your body’s functioning. Your body sweats in order to manage and adjust the temperature of your body. Sadly sweating is not the same for everyone. A small percentage of people in the world suffer from a disorder known as excessive sweating. This disorder makes you sweat more than what is normal and even when there are no obvious reasons for sweating. Life becomes very hard when you have been identified with the symptoms of profuse sweating.

The different symptoms of profuse sweating?

The actual symptoms of profuse sweating can be divided into four-palmar hyperhydrosis, plantar hyperhydrosis, axillary hyperhydrosis and facial hyperhydrosis. Each of these symptoms affect in different areas. In order to cure your problem of profuse sweating, it is very important to first identify the symptom of profuse sweating you have.

What is palmar hyperhydrosis?

Palmar hyperhydrosis also known as sweaty palms is the first type of profuse sweating symptom. This disorder results in the wetting of your hands and palms with sweat. This condition can occur due to various reasons like either when you are worried or under a lot of pressure. This can be controlled by making use of the gel form of certain antiperspirants.

What is plantar hyperhydrosis?

Plantar hyperhydrosis forms the next generally seen symptom of profuse sweating. This type of disorder results in the profuse sweating in your legs. This tends to divert your attention while driving by making your feet to slide from the pedals and at times this can prove to be fatal. Furthermore this disorder can lead to other sicknesses like the athlete’s feet. Bad stink which leads to loads of humiliation and discomfort are the other issue you may have to face here.

What is axillary hyperhydrosis?

Axillary hyperhydrosis also known as underarm sweating is the third main symptom of profuse sweating. Here you will tend to excessively sweat in your armpit area. This type of sweating causes the staining of your clothes in your underarm area thus leading to a lot of awkwardness and humiliation both in public as well as in your personal life. Nevertheless the symptoms of profuse sweating can be brought under control to a certain extent by wearing clothes from some specific kind of fabric.

What is facial hyperhydrosis?

The last kind in the symptoms of profuse sweating is the facial hyperhydrosis. This causes excessive sweating on your face. The catch in this type of excessive sweating is that since it is very obvious it results in a lot of insulting situations. You may even tend to lose your self confidence and may become too conscious in front of others.

Symptom of profuse sweating at night

The problem of sweating at night while sleeping is known as profuse night sweating. This disorder occurs when the person is asleep and does not occur during the day when you may be awake. The common problem faced here is getting completely wet in your sweat at night.

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