The agony of Sweating

Sweating is a usual element of your body’s normal functioning. At times when your body gets all worked up sweating helps you to calm your body. There are various reasons why you could be sweating. You may be sweating when the surroundings get too warm and the body finds it difficult to cool on its own. Also while exercising you may find your self sweating since the body is under intense pressure and has to cool in order to avoid any injury to the tissues.

Further sweating can also be due to poor health or any infections. Here again the purpose of sweating is to lessen the heat in the body. Excessive sweating in areas like the armpits, hands or feet are common in few people. This type of sweating can be a reason for a lot of humiliation.

Identifying the root cause

Around three percent of Americans are affected by sweating. This sort of sweating is known as hyperhydrosis. Although generally the problems tend to begin when you’re a teenager, this can even affect those younger. Few of the cases may be so extreme that it may hinder your normal day to day life. Staining of clothes is one major issue faced by people suffering from this disorder. Even the basic activities like shaking hands or removing your shoes tend to become very difficult and embarrassing.

Sometimes there may be no reason to start sweating. However a raise in climatic conditions or situations like high stress or embarrassment can lead to more sweating in these people. Even in normal conditions they can be found sweating. Hyperhydrosis can be easily cured especially with the use of antiperspirants which are high in aluminum chloride content.

The utilization of these antiperspirants on your hands and feet lessens the sweating and also helps to cut the odor. For your hands it is better to make use of the gel form and to apply it only on your palms. There is very less chance for these antiperspirants to accidentally enter your mouth from your fingers. However it is better to wash off the antiperspirant before having your meal.

A more effective prescription of antiperspirants, iontohoresis, anticholinergics and botox are a few of the treatments available for sweating. Surgery is also one of the ways to deal with the problem of sweating. However a surgery is performed only if the other methods have been unsuccessful.

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