Various excessive sweating treatments

Hyperhidrosis is a problem wherein an individual excessively sweats for no obvious cause. The sweating is limited only to some specific regions in the body like the hands, feet and the armpits. Therefore if you suffer from hyperhidrosis you would sweat even when the climate is chill and will be unable to do anything against it. Armpits are the common areas where this type of sweating occurs.

Identifying the problems areas with the help excessive sweating treatment

Armpit sweating leads to staining and leaving ring marks around the armpit region on your clothes. Along with these marks on your clothes they also tend to give out a bad smell when your deodorant fades away. Palms of your hands or feet are also other areas where sweating can occur. Each of these leads you to the same awkward situations like trouble in holding and lifting objects or a bad stink while removing your shoes and many more. Another very humiliating form of sweating is the excessive facial sweating which can some times put you on the spot.

Some easy to practice excessive sweating treatment

These days a wide range of excessive sweating treatments are being offered. Over the counter methods are a few among them. The utilization of antiperspirants with aluminum chloride content is one among the many excessive sweating treatments present. Certain-Dri is one such antiperspirant. Although these antiperspirants when compared to the prescription strength antiperspirants may be less harsh but at times they are sufficient for many and do the job of fighting excess sweat. In order to bring an end to sweating, these antiperspirants can be used in areas like armpits, hands and even your feet as an excessive sweating treatment.

An antiperspirant as an effective excessive sweating treatment

Aluminum chloride hexahydrate content which is known to be more effective is present in prescription strength antiperspirants and is used as an excessive sweating treatment. Apart from when the process starts the antiperspirant is not used on a daily basis. Initially for a period of seven to ten days it is applied daily in the evening earlier than bedtime and later it is reduced to once a week to retain result.

What is Botox and how does it help as an excessive sweating treatment?

Botox is another much more severe excessive sweating treatment wherein the results can be retained for a period of six months. Generally it is considered as a beauty treatment and for decreasing your wrinkles however it can also be used as an excessive sweating treatment. In this procedure Botox which is a muscle poison is injected in both armpits. In around twenty specific spots the Botox is injected thus reducing the sweat produced by the sweat glands.

Other excessive sweating treatments

Medicines from the anticholinergics family can also be used as an excessive sweating treatment. However both Botox and these kinds of medicines are known to have harmful side effects. Dry mouth or blurry vision is one of the side effects caused due to these medicines. The issue with Botox is that though the doctor utilizes undersized needles for the injections it can hurt a lot. Hence making use of Botox is a big decision and requires a lot of strength both physical and mental.

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