Why does your armpit smell

Few of the common areas where the apocrine sweat gland is found are below your armpits and near your genitals. This sweat gland is mainly present in your anal region. The feature that makes it different from the other sweat glands is the horrible odor that it gives out while sweating. It can also be noticed that the pores bordering the Apocrine sweat gland are nearer to the hair follicle. As a matter of fact the hair when it comes in contact with the sweat produced by the Apocrine sweat gland results in the horrible stink.

How can the apocrine sweat gland make you sweat?

The main culprit behind those dreadful marks on your clothes is the Apocrine sweat gland. They also form the primary reason to make you sweat. Though they are not huge glands they are present right from the time of birth. However the difference is that the sweat of a baby is dirt free as compared to that of an elderly person. Further more the sweat from a baby also lacks proteins or fatty acids thus making it dissimilar from the other sweat glands like the Eccrine sweat gland.

The Eccrine and Apocrine sweat glands

The nature of the sweat given out by the Eccrine sweat gland is known to be more dilute and saline when compared to the sweat given out by the Apocrine sweat gland. The nature of the sweat given out by the apocrine sweat gland is known to be thicker in nature and have a terrible odor. It is hence due to this reason that areas like your armpits and your genitals tending to give out a disagreeable smell whereas the sweats from the areas like your hands and legs don’t tend to smell.

How do the Apocrine sweat glands cause the stink?

The presence of bacteria on the surface of our skin is the other reason why your sweat tends to smell. Though your sweat is not supposed to have a bad smell but the breakdown of the bacteria results in the bad smell. However the sweat from the Apocrine sweat gland is responsible for the sweat with an odor. If you excessively sweat in your armpits and around your genitals then care must be taken to stop the sweat from collecting in these areas and hence decreasing the bacteria content on your skin and cutting out the possibilities for any stink.

When are the apocrine sweat glands inactive?

There are chances for you sweat gland not to be active when you are asleep. However due to some faults if you are suffering from excessive sweating you may find your self sweating even in your sleep. At times you can also inherit a few of the sweat glands through your genes. But these glands are mostly not active in nature.

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