Control on Toothache Troubles

Toothaches occur due to bad oral hygiene caused by tooth decay, bacteria, opening in the nerve ending and other such problems. Home remedies only provide temporary solutions and a visit to the dentist only can put an end to the toothache problems.

Food items available at home can provide great relief to these toothache problems. Chew a clove of garlic or onion whenever you have toothache. These have antibacterial elements which help to keep the teeth clean from bacteria.

But a regular chewing of onions and garlic tend to give a pungent smell in the mouth which some people detest. You can always chew a few peppermint leaves after chewing onions and garlic to bring back fresh breath in your mouth. This peppermint leaves also take good care of the teeth and its problems.

Whenever you suffering from toothache it is advisable to take foods which are tepid. Too hot or too cold foods can aggravate the existing toothache. Eat foods which are soft and warm like bread which does not put pressure to the teeth.

An age old solution this toothache is use of alcohol. Rub your teeth with fingers dipped in liquor to get relieved from the pain. A dose of alcohol taken as a mouthwash helps to make the gums insensitive to pain giving you great relief.

Finally the best way to keep away from these toothaches is to maintain a good oral hygiene. But in case you get one visit a dentist immediately who can treat you for the problem and put and end to the toothache permanently.

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