Cure for Toothache Problems

Toothache is the result of decay, bacteria and openings in the nerves. This problem occurs to young and old irrespective of sex. If you are one among those people who are suffering from toothache here some home remedies which are simple and easy to get relieved from the pain.

Foods play a very important role in easing the toothache problem. A clove of garlic or onion when chewed gives great relief from pain when bacteria are present in the tooth or gums. Garlic and onion cleanses the teeth hence the pain giving bacteria is washed away relieving the pain. But these foods have a strong pungent smell which retains in the mouth. Some people avoid it due to this. By chewing some peppermint leaves after chewing garlic or onions this bad breath can be got rid of. This chewing of peppermint also helps to get rid of the toothache.

Whenever you have your children with this toothache problem there is cure which your children may prefer. Essence of vanilla after soaking it in water when applied to the affected tooth gives great relief from pain.

Placing an ice pack on the affected area can solve the problem with you mind preoccupied to find the pain relieved after sometime.

The above mentioned remedies are all temporary and are just first aids till you see the dentist. To get the toothache problem completely solved a visit to the dentist can confirm your exact problem and correct treatment.

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Toothache Problem