Easy Toothache Remedies

Toothache is the result of either bacteria caused due to decay, cavities or sometimes a broken tooth. But whatever may be the reason this pain is one of the most unbearable pain a human has. When people do not have time and money to a visit a dentist they search for quick and safe home based remedies. Here are a few for your help.

An easy way to distract oneself from the pain is to use an ice cube. Place an ice cube on your palm and rub it well. The palm becomes cold and numb. The person starts concentrating more on the numbness of the palm than the tooth ache. This way the person is relieved from the pain indirectly.

Garlic and onions are another excellent remedy which has antibacterial properties. Chew a clove of garlic or onion in your mouth regularly to relieve toothache problem. This removes the bacteria from the mouth hence putting end to the pain. You may have a pungent smell due to the onion and garlic in your mouth. This can be altered by chewing a few peppermint leaves after chewing them.

A cold ice pack kept on the jaw reduces the pain and inflammation to a great extent. Alcohol also helps in reducing toothache. Cotton dab dipped in brandy placed on the affected tooth helps in reducing the swelling and pain. All types of liquors have this effect on the pain. Another alternative is taking this alcohol as a mouth wash.

The best way to avoid toothache is to maintain a good oral hygiene by brushing twice daily, using dental floss to clean after meals and using a good mouthwash regularly. Frequent visit to the dentist also helps you to keep your teeth healthy.

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