Home based remedies for Toothache

Tooth ache is one of the pains that surpass all the other pain a body generally experiences. It is really a difficult task to find the right cure for the toothache when the pain relievers give away and one does not have enough time to visit the dentist for medicines.

The age old home based remedies can work excellently only for a limited period of time when it comes to toothache as one has to find out the correct reason for the toothache which varies from person to person. Toothache arises when there is some trouble in the gums or tooth which usually needs immediate attention but these home based remedies will be of help meanwhile.

1. Cloves which are always available in the kitchen shelf are excellent remedies for toothache. They relieve pain when applied after crushing, to the adjoining area and also to the tooth as a temporary cure for toothache. They have a strong taste which should not matter much. When treating for dry socket this clove along with other medicinal essence is made into a mixture and filled into the hole by the dentist..

2. An icepack kept over the swollen cheek not only reduces the inflammation but also relieves the person from toothache for a short period of time.

Rinse the mouth regularly with salt water to clear the bacteria present in the mouth which in turn gives some relief to the toothache and also reduces the inflammation.

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