Home-based Remedies for Toothaches

Toothache is one of the problems which always need the help of a doctor for proper cure. But there are occasions when we are unable to visit the dentist. The toothache may start on Friday noon and being weekend we have wait till Monday morning. Sometimes we have a bad experience such breaking the tooth or toothache during a vacation. On such occasions simple and easy home remedies help us in getting relieved from such tooth problem.

There are various reasons for one to get a toothache. It could be tooth decay, opening in the nerves due to the tarnished enamels or sometimes an infection the root. Toothache also results due infection in the gums, gums disease or due to a broken tooth.

The cause can be any but toothache is one of the most horrible aches anyone can experience. So it is better to learn a few home remedies which can come handy as first aid at the time of emergency.

The age old home remedy for toothache is icepack. Place a ice pack on the affected area and you can see you are not only relieved from the pain but the swelling which had occurred due to the tooth problem has considerably subsided. But again one word of caution – in case the pain persists withdraw the icepack treatment immediately and consult the doctor for proper treatment.

The next alternative is rinsing the mouth with warm salt water. This remedy is very effective after the extraction of the tooth and also any type of toothache. This gargling of salt water flushes out the bacteria in the mouth thus reducing inflammation and pain.

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