Home Remedy for Toothache in the form of Foods

Teeth being a sensitive part of the body have excessive pain when infected. There is pain and inflammation which only by a visit to the dentist can solve the problem. But when one lacks time and money they can depend on easy and simple home remedies to get relieved from this acute pain.

Foods form one of the easiest remedy to cure this toothache. Garlic and onion are foods which when chewed gives relief from pain the tooth. Both garlic and onion have antibacterial properties which help to cleanse the teeth resulting in pain relief. The only disadvantage of this food is that it results in bad breath when used regularly. Solve this problem by chewing a few peppermint leaves after you chew onion or garlic and regain back the fresh breath.

The juice of vanilla acts as an excellent home remedy when children have toothache. This gives a great relief from the tooth problem and is also taken by the kids easily due to its good flavor

An age old remedy for toothache is using alcohol. Dip cotton in liquor and dab it over the teeth and gums. Use alcohol as a mouthwash and rinse the teeth well with it. These techniques soothe and bring great pain relief.

A simple way to get away from toothache is to distract one’s mind away from it. Press an ice cube in between your palms and fingers which makes your palm numb. Your concentration is diverted bringing relief to your toothache temporarily but effectively.

All the above mentioned home remedies are totally temporary and to get a solution to this toothache problem a visit to the dentist is compulsory.

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