How to Manage a Wisdom Toothache

Wisdom teeth usually appear for young people when they are new in their college. For some it comes at a later date also. People experience severe pain on the onset of wisdom tooth. As they are not prepared for this pain it comes unaware. In this time of their life they neither have insurance cover for the painful wisdom tooth nor have enough time due to their college.

The postponement of this wisdom tooth may create problem but it is unavoidable in some circumstances. It could be the lack of time and money, fear of the pain during extraction. But it is always better to get the painful wisdom tooth extracted than delaying it.

Applying an icepack at regular intervals to the jaw has been the age old remedy for a painful wisdom tooth. This ice pack makes you feel numb and also reduces the swelling. But this can be a temporary solution for a day or two till you visit the dentist.

Like the other toothache one can always gargle with warm salt water to get relieved from this wisdom toothache. This cleans up the bacteria, subside the inflammation and swelling. One can also opt for pain killers from a medical store which can lower the swelling.

There are many herbal cures also available for wisdom toothache which does not have any side effects. But finally a visit to the dentist only will give you permanent solution who will remove the infected wisdom tooth which should be done without delay.

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