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The best cure for toothache is a visit to the dentist who can allocate the problem and providing a proper solution to it. But some people are scared of the visit and some do not go because of the expenses. For such people an easy and simple home remedy will be of great help. The cures differ according to the type of toothache giving such people an interim.

There are various problems that result in toothache. The usual problem in the teeth is when there is a cavity and is unheeded. This happens when the enamel of the teeth is broken and forms an opening in the nerve. The tooth becomes very sensitive creating pain.

When not treated immediately the problem worsens resulting in root canal treatment or sometimes in extraction of the tooth. So whenever there is a problem with the teeth, visit the dentist immediately.

But one can always opt for first aid treatment with a home remedy to get rid of the pain till you visit the dentist, Home remedies gives relief to the pain but cannot treat the problem so consult the dentist as early as possible to stop the problem from aggravated.

Whenever you have pain the teeth due to sensitivity it is better to avoid very hot or very cold foods or beverages. A good cure for this problem is to rinse your mouth with warm salted water.

This way the bacterium in the mouth is flushed out giving relief to the pain. The other option is to place a clove in the affected area. This is a great pain reliever. An infected gum can be treated with cloves ground with little water and applied to the affected area.

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