Managing an Acute Tooth Nerve Pain

A sudden shooting pain in the tooth which is unbearable is not a normal toothache but the tooth nerve pain. When one of the nerves sparks off it gives a severe pain in the tooth which is difficult to manage. This is one of the most agonizing toothaches one can ever experience which has a electrifying experience.

The nerve in the tooth sparks off because of the inflammation surrounding the tooth which gives a force on the nerve making it painful. The first thing one has to do is to reduce the pain and to reduce the pain the swelling has to subside. So steps should be taken to reduce the swelling.

The age old remedy to reduce swelling is an ice pack. Press the icepack in the jaw where the swelling lies. This brings about numbness thus reducing pain. The numbness and the pain reduce only slowly so keep the pack for about 15-20 minutes for one hour. When the process continues the inflammation slowly reduces thus reducing the pain also.

Whenever there is tooth extraction the dry socket is filled with a mixture made of cloves. The same treatment done at home making a paste with cloves and water and dabbing the tooth with cotton dipped in the mixture which acts as a good pain reliever. Cloves have antibacterial properties which kills the bacteria present in the tooth thus curing and giving pain relief

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