Safe and Excellent Therapy for Toothache

Toothache is a problem experienced by people of all ages. It comes all of a sudden and is very painful. Here are some easy, simple and safe treatments for your toothache problem which acts as first aid relief till you visit the dentist.

There are many factors which result in a toothache. It could be because of a bad diet, too much of sugary food intake, decay due to bacteria, cavity, infection or due to an opening the nerve in the tooth. Whatever be the reason whenever the toothache is continuous it is better to visit a dentist for guidance. In the meantime the home remedies mentioned below will help you to get rid of the pain temporarily.

Focus your mind on a different problem and the original problem fades away. This rule applies for toothache also. Press ice cube between your fingers or palm for sometime. This will numb the palm making your toothache pain diverted.

Whenever there is a toothache it is better to avoid very hot or very cold foods as it only aggravates the pain making the teeth more sensitive. It is advisable to have food that is lukewarm and also soft foods like bread.

Tylenol is a pain killer which gives relief during toothaches. But some prefer to have only natural and home remedies.

Chewing garlic and onions which have antibacterial properties helps to get rid of the pain making it numb. It also helps to cleanse the bacteria in the mouth, which keeps away toothache.

Finally a good oral hygiene is necessary to keep away from toothaches. Brushing twice daily, flossing after meals, and using a mouthwash regularly helps in maintaining a healthy set of teeth. Toothaches are indications of decay or cavities which when treated at an early stage put an end to the problem. So a visit to the dentist regularly or at least when the problem is frequent gives a permanent solution to this toothache.

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