Simple Home Remedies for Toothache

Toothache could be the result of many reasons. It could be an exposed nerve that can cause pain in the tooth. Decay in the tooth causes bacteria which results in severe pain. The permanent solution for this toothache problem is to visit the dentist and find out the correct trouble and solve it. But you can always have a first aid home remedy as a temporary solution for the problem.

Tylenol is the commonly used pain reliever or you can use any other pain killer of your choice. Although the pain in made numb the person may find a little pain while eating.

Always eat mild and soft food whenever you have a toothache. The food taken should be tepid as too cold or too hot food aggravates the pain in the tooth. Some food can even relieve of the pain when chosen properly.

Garlic has antibacterial qualities which can relieve of the pain and also cleanses the tooth so try chewing a clove of garlic whenever you experience a tooth pain. Another choice is chewing onion as it also cleanses the tooth stopping the pain. But both garlic and onion have pungent smell which lingers for a long time in the mouth and many avoid it due to this. But this strong smell is eliminated by chewing a few peppermint leaves which also cleanses the teeth.

For people who drink, their liquor this is helpful as a pain killer in the time of toothache. Rub the fingers over the gums and teeth after dipping them in whisky. Any hard drink can reduce pain and numbness in the affected area.

Finally, after all the home remedies tried out if the pain still continues you should immediately consult the dentist for a proper treatment as it could be a serious problem or a cavity formation.

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