Some Home Cures for Toothache

Toothache is the result of bad oral and dental habits. To have a good oral hygiene one should brush teeth twice daily. This way the teeth remain maintained and flush out bad bacterium. Bacteria in the teeth causes tooth decay which in turn results in toothache. Here are some home remedies for instant relief before you consult the dentist.

Garlic and onions contain antibacterial elements which when chewed removes the bacteria and gives relief from pain. Its cleansing properties also clean the teeth and keep them healthy. But this garlic and onion have a pungent taste and smell which many detest. Again there is an alternative for this. A few peppermint leaves when chewed after chewing garlic or onion also relieves pain and gives fresh breath.

An icepack pressed on the affected area makes you feel numb and great relief from pain. Divert your concentration through numbness which in turn relieves you from the pain.

An age old remedy for toothache is alcohol or liquor. Rub the finger dipped in alcohol over the affected area and get a soothing effect. Use alcohol even on babies during teething when they experience pain. Some prefer to consume the drink which also acts as a pain reliever and also gives them the pleasure.

Very hot or very cold foods induce more pain to a sensitive tooth. It is better to avoid such food and opt for lukewarm and soft foods like bread.

Although there are many home-remedies available for toothache it is always better to consult a dentist to find out the reason for the toothache and proper treatment for it. Cavities and other serious problem can be got rid of only by the dentist and medications. Home remedy is only a temporary solution.

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