Some Useful Tips to get Relief from Toothache

Toothache is a common pain experienced by one and all. Its degree of pain can be from mild, moderate, and some times very acute. But there are many home remedies available to get rid of this pain till you visit the dentist. Here are a few remedies given under.

Place ice cubes in between your fingers or in your palm for sometime. The palm becomes numb focusing your attention towards it. This is a distraction technique. This diverts your concentration and your mind occupied elsewhere tends to give you relief from the toothache.

Another age old remedy for toothache is using liquor. Use cotton or your fingers and dip them in alcohol and dab it the area you have pain. The area becomes numb thus relieving you from pain. When babies are teething as they experience a lot of pain during such period so the same procedure gives relief from pain for them also. Alternatively you can take a shot of alcohol as use it as a mouthwash to get rid of the pain.

Garlic and onions when chewed gives great relief from toothache as they have antibacterial properties. Chewing them regularly for sometime cleanses you mouth from bacteria keeping you away from toothache.

Pain killers like Advil can relieve from toothache in case of severe pain. There are also other medications which relieve you from pain available from the medical store. Pastes and gels are also available which when rubbed or brushed on teeth bring relief from toothache.

However, all this home remedies are only temporary and only a dentist can relieve of the pain permanently. If the toothache persists it means there is some serious problem with your tooth and an immediate visit to the dentist is necessary to solve the problem.

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