Varicose Vein Removal Cost - Some Facts

Certain experts from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have found out that the average varicose vein removal cost is around 320 dollars. Nevertheless, the varicose vein removal cost differ from one place to another and also depend on where you get the procedure done. Normally, the varicose vein removal cost would be costlier in urban areas than in suburbs and rural areas.

Physician’s Fee and Miscellaneous Costs

The varicose vein removal cost comprises of the physician’s charges as well as the miscellaneous charges, and the physician’s fee increases as the miscellaneous costs are added. The other fact to approximate the varicose vein removal cost is based on the technique used to remove the varicose veins and the number of sessions held to remove all the varicose veins.

In order to get a clear picture, you can ask your physician for a quote that includes all the associated charges before committing yourself to the surgery.

Unfortunately, for those of you who would want your health insurances to cover the charges of varicose vein removal, it will not happen, as they only pay back the cash spent on cosmetic surgeries and procedures. You can always ask your surgeon for various financing alternatives and pay the money back in installment that would help you.

You must also look into the best treatments available for varicose vein removal that depends on the diagnosis made on you based on factors like age, medical history, allergies you suffer from, as well as your rate of toleration.

Sclertotherapy is one such alternative where the varicose vein removal cost does not come more than 100 to 150 dollars, however, this may depend on the number of injections used during each session and also it depends on the part of the country you are undergoing the treatment.

The other alternative for varicose vein removal include laser varicose vein removal that does not include any surgical procedure and is gaining popularity.

When it comes to a surgical procedure the varicose vein removal cost is around 600 to 2000 dollars as the physician’s charges only, while the charge for the hospitalization is separate. Nevertheless, you can perform such a surgery as an outpatient that may reduce the cost.

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